Over the last few decades, the world in general and especially perhaps in business has become much more reliant on technology. When used correctly, technology can enhance everything we do, making it all much easier and more positive.

Your business will, with the right tech installed and used in the right way, become more efficient and streamlined, hopefully generating larger profits along the way. It will not only benefit the business owner but the customers and clients too. With this thought in mind, here are some of the best ways to use technology to enhance your business.


Every business needs to have a website if it wants to succeed and grow. The website for a business is the visual representation of what it stands for, how it works, and of course what it does too. Your customers should be able to click on your website and immediately understand what kind of business they are potentially dealing with in terms of customer service, products, and ethics.

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Your website needs to be easy to use and have all the information that anyone might need without overburdening them with text. It’s a fine line, but when it is right, your website is one of the very best (and cheapest in relative terms) marketing tools you can have.

Tips for making your website work better for you include ensuring that it is mobile friendly because more and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to browse the internet rather than a desktop or laptop computer, and it should link to your social media pages too. Don’t forget your blog and keywords either as these can help immensely.

Social Media

Social media a hugely important for business and is a powerful way to reach as many potential customers as possible on a limited budget (and sometimes with no budget at all). Your business should have at least one social media platform, and which one you choose – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or any of the others that are emerging – will depend on your target audience.

Different people use different platforms, so it is worth carrying out some market research to determine where your ideal customer spends their time when on social media.

If you can post regularly on social media you are more likely to be able to start a following – the more times you are seen, the more easily your business will come to mind when your customers want something that you provide.

Your social media pages can be linked to your digital marketing campaigns too, giving you an easy way to test and measure what is working and what isn’t, which is vital for cost-effective marketing. Learn more about testing and measuring and why it is essential here.

Quicker Invoicing

Despite the fact that invoicing is going to (hopefully) bring you in more money to your business, and if you don’t do it then you simply won’t get paid, it is still something that many people put off until the last moment.

It isn’t exciting, it can be fairly tedious, and it is the job that many people enjoy the least in business, even though the results from doing it are crucial to your success.

Using technology to automate your invoicing and even to follow up on unpaid bills means you no longer have to worry about this particular job, and you can do other productive things instead. Automating your invoicing system will save you from getting stressed, and it will save you time too, plus you won’t ever forget to chase anyone for payment again.

Keep Up With The Competition

When you run a business, you can’t do it successfully in isolation. You need to know what your competition is doing so that you can be sure that you are doing more.

See what is working for them and work along the same lines, and see what isn’t working and stay away from those ideas yourself. You can easily find out more about your competition and thereby create a marketing strategy that works best for you by searching online for information about the company. Look at their reviews and social media pages to get an idea of how they are advertising and what techniques they are using.

Remember, though, that if you are checking them out, they are probably doing the same to you so try not to give too much information away whilst still giving your customers what they need.

Project Management

Every growing business needs to think about project management, and it is best to do this as early as possible because the bigger the business grows,the more important project management becomes.

In a large business, keeping track of everything that is happening, all the orders that need to be processed, all the jobs that are needing to be done, and where everyone is and what they are doing is a huge task, but it is made easier through project management software.

When you have everything in the system and reminders are automatic, you are much less likely to incur the wrath of an angry customer whose parcel didn’t arrive or who was waiting for someone to visit them in their home and no one came.

Your staff will be happier if you have a good project management software system in place too. They will always know where they are meant to be and what they should be doing and so will everyone else, meaning that those tasked with customer service have an easier job too.


Newsletters can be the ideal way to keep in touch with customers and to ensure that people give you their email addresses when they sign up to receive it. You can build a pipeline of potential customers quickly and easily, as long as the newsletter is interesting enough for them to read and not click on unsubscribe.

Using an automatic program such as MailChimp to send out your newsletters makes the process a lot quicker, and if you include offer codes and discounts as well as plenty of news, people will find the newsletter is useful to them – they might even tell others about it.

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Over the last few decades, the world in general and especially perhaps in business has become much more reliant on technology. When used correctly, technology can enhance everything we do, making it all much easier and more positive. Your business will, with the right tech installed and used in the...