Mobile data is the new big headache for Smartphone users all over the world, and it is that it does not matter which service or phone company you are affiliated with. With these tips to save mobile data this will not be a problem anymore. You will always find yourself in constant struggle to try to make ends meet not just with your salary but also with the mobile data.

Tips for saving mobile data

Do not worry, because today you will learn a few tips to save mobile data that will undoubtedly make your life a lot easier. First, we must know what the mobile data is. We all use them every day and yet, we do not understand how they work. Mobile data consists of a set of complementary network technologies that deliver data to mobile phone networks.

Tips and Tips for Saving Mobile Data

We will then show you our best recommendations. It is the first function that you should know on your mobile phone. Luckily, Android, iPhone and Windows Phone have standard steps for their mobile phones. Ordinary users of these devices would have no problem switching devices if they purchase another from the same company.

The problem is if you change the company or the operating system is updated. However, they are a series of very intuitive steps that only take a few minutes to master. In addition, you can configure the option in the taskbar and with just two touches disable the service. This allows you to connect and disconnect when you need it. If you stay connected, every minute of the day, complementary applications will consume data even without your knowledge and permission.

The free applications that you download end up paying more with mobile data. Because they keep selling advertising and it makes sense. Download some advertising blocking app, some of which will require you to be root user. It may be root or free your iPhone scare you. You can choose to disconnect the data every time you do not use them. You can also simply use the apps when you are in Wi-Fi environments.

Become the friend of free Wi-Fi

Reserve your data to check your mail, carry out banking transactions and sensitive activities. In free Wi-Fi networks there may be a predator.

Install an application that registers your consumption

For Android is 3G Watchdog, this is an app that records your consumption and keeps you aware of your monthly consumption with a series of statistics. If you know your consumption, you will know what promotion to hire from your telephone company. If your mobile is released, you can change the company for one that suits your needs. In the configuration of the mobile you can find this option too. Just go to settings and check the “data usage” option where you can observe your consumption statistics and of course set an alarm.

Stay away from streaming

Yes, you love the videos of kittens or those of your favorite youtube, but resist the temptation. A 3-minute video on Youtube can cost you up to 10 Mb. We all know that one video leads to another and then another, when you realize you have consumed all your monthly income-watching videos. Netflix is ​​not even said, a movie can well cost you 200 Mb per hour and music apps like Pandora follow the same path of consumption. Get away from them as much as possible if you have mobile data and are away from Wi-Fi.

Set up your Android to save megabytes

In the same section where we can configure consumption alarms for our mobile data, you can set a monthly consumption limit. This way when you reach your limit the mobile will automatically deactivate the connection. You can also block applications that use data in the background. These usually social networking applications use data to stay current even if you are not reviewing.

Save using browsers

Opera and Google Chrome data compression mode let you browse quickly while saving valuable data. Opera has an application called Opera Max, which allows you to manage applications that consume data in order to reduce your consumption.

Turn off automatic update

Yes, it seems obvious but many do not. Turn off automatic updating for all apps you keep on your phone. Generally, they will catch you away from home and when you are not connected to Wi-Fi. Your best bet is to leave all apps to update manually or when the mobile is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Turn off automatic video playback

Many applications begin to incorporate the videos as a native support, so you should disable this option as soon as you install. Applications or videos will begin to load and play on your timeline. Do not use apps that create backups when you find yourself using data. This refers to all apps that create cloud backups like many Google services. Check the settings of each app and disable the option to create backups when you find Wi-Fi.

Each person or group in our life has its own “group” in whatsapp and guess, send photos, audios, etc. Everything consumes data so you must configure whatsapp to prevent it from downloading automatically.

Compress your data

As Opera Max does, you can install Extend, available for iOS and Android. Save data in the applications that you indicate. You should only give this application permission to manage your data through a server a cloud and a VPN, through which it reduces your consumption. That you can use in an emergency you can spend enjoying music and videos in streaming. Saving data may seem heavy. However once you make it a habit, you will realize that many of the options that consumed your money were not necessary. usage,data usage app android,save data
Mobile data is the new big headache for Smartphone users all over the world, and it is that it does not matter which service or phone company you are affiliated with. With these tips to save mobile data this will not be a problem anymore. You will always find...